Based in Dubai, Green Bridge is a rapidly growing business with over 1800+ employees.

Green Bridge is part of the 7Cs Group of companies that carries a legacy of being in business for over 50 years and over 12 years in the UAE. The organization has grown and diversified rapidly consisting of 22 business verticals under operation.

Essential to the company’s ongoing success is the employment of high-quality people who benefit from living and working in Dubai, a modern cosmopolitan city offering one of the most desirable lifestyles in the world. The employees receive tax-free salary and benefits package, and are offered professional development opportunities to further their careers with the organization.

The 7 core values by which our business is driven are Credibility, Creativity, Customer Service, Collaboration, Consistency, Commitment and Corporate Social Responsibility making us one of the most reliable organizations to work for in the Middle East. With this as our strong foundation we have grown steadily and are pacing ourselves for rapid growth.

“PEOPLE” are our greatest assets and we take pride in having some of the finest be it in technical, functional or management and as we are expanding in a greater pace, we are in the constant look out for career-driven and committed individuals, who will work together to achieve our strategic vision. We seek passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who will enjoy the excitement and challenge of working for a rapidly growing global organization.

Our value for PEOPLE who join us are purposefully derived from our 7 core values as a business


Your Job is secure. You will receive every benefit that the organization has to offer which will certainly go beyond the nation’s statutory norms.


Every individual in the organization is given the freedom to think and improve every process. We encourage people to question the norm and bring about creative solutions with speed and accuracy


The organization encourages interdependency and team work, you as an internal customer within the organization will receive the highest level of customer service whenever and wherever required


We believe that an organization is a System and not sum of its parts. We encourage and create opportunities for purposeful collaboration between people, functions, departments and divisions where in knowledge, ideas and experiences are shared. Also, as a culture we provide the highest level of service to our external customers and suppliers resulting in meaningful collaborations that are mutually beneficial.


We consistently work with every individual in the organization to make them better in the work that they do first time and every time and create avenues for tangible and consistent growth within the organization


We are committed to providing an environment, in which our people are constantly challenged to unleash their potential, deliver high performance and learn and grow with the organization.


We are an equal opportunity employer, we give importance to Job and Role fit and our robust recruitment process ensures an unbiased approach at all levels. If you fit the Job and Role description, be certain that you have a place in our organization


For all experienced professionals looking to develop a career that offers both professional growth and personal fulfillment, Al Jihan offers the right environment. We have multiple career options across our business verticals.

We have opportunities in various disciplines – Construction, Engineering, Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Marketing and many more.


AL JIHAN’s amazing story of growth has been made possible because of the fresh talent that flows in from the engineering campuses both national and international. The organization believes in transforming fresh graduate engineers into future leaders through a structured learning and development cycle involving challenging assignments. The inflow of graduate engineering trainees (GETs) from campuses has seen a steady increase over the past few years.


We seek enthusiastic and team oriented individuals. If you are interested in joining us please register here:

Come and be a part of a growing organisation!

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