Green Building Solutions

The 3D Panel Construction System

We introduce a breakthrough in construction with unique alternative structural system the 3D Panels. Our Product can serve for the Overall Thermal transmittance (U value) requirement of 0.2 W/m2K to 0.4 W/m2K depending on the project specifications. Offering excellent insulation properties, they not only save on energy costs, but also help save the environment. They are also flexible in terms of design and are lightweight, which leads to savings in costs and time during construction.

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The 3D Panel is an innovative construction system providing energy efficient and sustainable construction around the globe.

The 3D panels consist of an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core with a layer of galvanized steel Wire Mesh on each side. The 2 meshes are connected to each other by a diagonal wire (Truss) which passes through the EPS.

The facility is fully integrated producing its own EPS, and Wire Mesh. Jehan Green Walls has a manufacturing capacity of 4000 SQM of 3D panels per day.

The 3D Panel System is an ideal alternative structural system for low rise construction and also non load bearing infill walls.

3D Panels are used as self-supporting (frame structure not required) monolithic concrete structures which are insulated.

The polystyrene used in the 3D Panels contains 10% 15% recycled content. Thus having zero waste for the EPS beads. The polystyrene used in the 3D Panels is a flame retardant EPS thus it does not propagate fire or throw fumes when there is a fire.

For projects requiring lower U values or better insulation, the 3D Panels are manufactured using Neopor as the core. Neopor is a graphite induced insulation which gives better resistance to heat transfer.

The steel used in the 3D Panels is recycled steel which makes it more sustainable. The steel can be upto 90% recycled, thus giving good sustainable values to the user.

Again for higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, the galvanized steel can be replaced with Stainless Steel making it even worse conductor of heat or giving better U values.

The insulation provided by the panels is far superior compared to conventional products and helps reduce the power consumption for cooling loads into the buildings. Thus reducing the carbon emissions from the building.It also helps reduce the tonnage of AC in the building ultimately reducing the capital costs for the AC.

We have used the material for 2 buildings with LEED ratings in the UAE. The 3D Panels have also been used on the first MINERGIE rated Building in the Middle East.

The benefits of using the 3D panels for building construction are as follows:

  1. Superior Thermal Insulation thus gives energy efficiency and sustainability. The 3D Panels can achieve a U value of 0.20 W / M2* K which can help achieve MINERGIE certification. Reused and reusable materials also give it the advantage for LEED certification.
  2. Faster Construction 3D Panels help construct faster than conventional products as they are factory made and come in larger sizes. Also the number of activities is reduced thus saving time.
  3. Less Manpower the manpower requirement for the construction goes down by upto 70%.
  4. Ideal for Volumetric Construction gives a good economy of scale and speed in execution on a large scale project.
  5. Flexible in Designs any two dimensional designs are possible using the product. Arches, slopping roofs are easily done.
  6. Monolithic structure all the panels of a wall are connected through a wire mesh and all the walls are also connected through the wire mesh and slab and the walls are also connected before concreting. The concreting is all done together thus providing a single box structure or a monolithic structure which has better resistance to earthquakes.
  7. No RCC required however it can achieve bigger spans with a combination of RCC and 3D system.
  8. Better housekeeping and transportation of material.