Manfacturing Solutions


Wire Mesh Welding Machine

In Wire Mesh welding machine the wires from spools are fed as the longitudinal wires and wire coils are used to feed in the cross wise and the complete mesh is produced by electrical spot welding by automatic motion. Then the wire mesh cross wire edges are trimmed and flattered and rolled in winding machines. Mesh coil produced in this machine are max of 250 meters in a single mesh coil. In this machine the mesh opening size can be produces from minimum of 25 mm and upto 300mm opening size. Tolerance limit for mesh opening length is +3mm for 3M length wire mesh

Wire Mesh Cutting Machine

Wire mesh produced from wire mesh welding machine are cut to piece according to requirement by trimming process with aid of hydraulic system and its actuator.

Expanded Polystrene Blocks


Expandable Poly-styrene beads of Size 0.9 to 1.4 mm & spherical in shape are fed into the Pre-expander and allowed to expand to 20 to 30 times more than its raw material size. In M/s Jehan Green walls, the Pre-expander is type of continuous production machine. Here the steam is used at a pressure range of 0.25 to 0.5 bar pressure, 50 - 90 deg C temperature to expand the Polystyrene beads. Density range of product is 12 to 24 Kg/Cu.M After obtain the required density of EPS in the pre-expander, it is blown to the storage silo through blowers & pipe lines.

Block Mould

After Minimum 2 days of storage of EPS (which allows the expanded beads to obtain atmospheric pressure & temperature) in the silo, the material is used for production of EPS blocks. The block size of 3m (long) x 1.2m (width) x 0.6m (thickness) with a tolerance limit up to 30 mm in plus. Here in the block moulds, the blocks can be produce only with virgin materials and also it can be produces in mix with 7 to 10 percentage of Recycle materials. Here the process takes place by fusion method which is being created by creation of vacuum and steam supply at 1.75 bar to 2.5 bar pressure at 130 deg C temperature. Then the blocks are stored in the open space in a shelter for the removal of moisture which can be achieved in two days of time.

EPS Sheet cutting

Moisture free blocks are taken for production of EPS sheets in either Jocut (cutting in straight line) machine or in NC machine (cutting in any required shapes) Tolerance limit for sheets are in range of -3mm to +1mm on all sides